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TTS is comprised of project, procurement, supply chain and materials management professionals that have provided, implemented and managed best practice solutions in more than 60 Fortune 1000 companies. Our service team helps streamline a business’s supply chain through the use of market intelligence, application of current technologies and the utilization intelligent strategic solutions, that results in a meeting and exceeding our clients requirements and expectations.

TTS offers best practice asset and personnel management services and solutions that deliver significant cost reductions, enhanced personnel safety, asset and materials management as well as effective personnel management and tracking solutions that can be utilized by all industries.

TTS Core Strengths:

  • Management with over 75 years of global strategic sourcing and project management experience in 400+ commodity categories
  • Relevant and timely Market Insights with Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Best Practice Evaluation– full requisition to pay cycle
  • Project Management – Management services for construction, facilities, materials, procurement and business transformation
  • Training Services – conduct skills assessment of personnel as well as provide customized training on project, materials, asset, procurement and supply chain management best practices
  • Skills Improvement– current condition assessment to completed curriculum development and delivery
  • Business Process Assements – conduct in depth analysis of organizations supply chain, procurement, logistics and materials management capabilities and provide an assessment and roadmap on opportunities to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for all materials and services as well as improve operational efficiency
  • Management of Change– Develop and Deliver practical experience-based strategies to successfully deploy new processes and technology
  • Process Mapping and Gap Analysis against industry best practice (procurement and sourcing)

RFID Track and Trace Technology

TTS provides RFID asset tracking and RFID personnel management tracking utilizing proven Real Time Track and Trace (RTTT) products and services via TTS’s service partners. Our Real Time Track and Trace department is continuously offering innovative solutions and upgrades to existing technology, meticulously choosing the best suited RFID tags and robust RFID readers to assist their customers.

Track and Trace technology has had a great impact on supply chain businesses utilizing an Ultra High Frequency (UHF) solution . Hence, RFID is the present and future technology to address all related issues in any possible line of business. Global companies like Walt Disney, JC Penny, Fortune 500, Coca Cola, Fairmont and many others have implemented RFID using UHF

TTS is now providing an industry best practice solution for asset and personnel management, including track and trace utilizing RTTT SMART (Staff Movement & Activity Reporting Tool) solution and services. SMART is an innovative solution which easily tracks the location of personnel and materials within their organization or project job site as well as registers the movement of every visitor along with the employees when entering and exiting. Effective utilization of RFID technology in tracking materials and personnel has been proven to significantly reduce operational costs in all industries; also, automating manual logging / swipe cards results in numerous cost and safety benefits to all organizations.

Some of the benefits provided by utilizing RFID materials and asset management are as follows:

  • Automating data collection
  • Rugged long-life tags, in comparison to bar code stickers that get destroyed
  • Handheld scanning anywhere and anytime
  • Streamlined and accurate inventory management
  • Real time tracking of materials and equipment at the job site (Track & Trace)

Regardless of the industry, organizations take extra measures for running operations each day, with safety of personnel being a top commitment. With passive RFID installed, the state-of- art technology provided by TripTych RTTT creates an automated and quick mustering process and people location identification. Utilizing RTTT products and services provides an effective and efficient solution to organizations so that they may manage these sensitive issues regarding safety and personnel management.

SMART Personnel Management

Some of the key personnel benefits provided by utilizing the SMART personnel management are as follows:

  • Automated data collection
  • Increased efficiency in Health & Safety monitoring
  • Flexible architecture to allow for future rollout across new locations and projects
  • Track employee time, overtime, holidays, and absences and minimize payroll processing time
  • Reduce inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking
  • Automated tracking and accounting during mustering and during disaster evacuation.


TTS is a pioneer in the provision of “Platform as a Service” technologies for eSourcing.

The TTS’s procurement solution provides a next generation eSourcing platform that focuses on best practice management of the sourcing lifecycle. We aim to maximize user adoption and optimize negotiation outcomes for clients in a wide range of industries.

  • Best Practices Applied to Outsourced Services
  • Continuous Process Improvement

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