Corporate Services

TTS Corporate Services

In the realm of corporate services, TTS’s facilities management and procurement professionals bring years of experience and well-tested solutions to the table. Utilizing the modern platform of e-commerce and proven trading house solutions, TTS is able to streamline your business’s overall materials management and facilities management.

Web Development through TTS

Our web development team has years of experience satisfying our clients with creative designs for international customers. A unique and appealing website for your business speaks volumes to customers about your company’s professionalism, attention to detail and quality assurance.

  • Upgrade your business with a powerful and visually appealing online presence
  • Creative and innovative to fit your needs both commercially and professionally
  • New business startup support
  • We offer both static web design as well as blog-compatible designs

When you contact us, our web development team will provide a free customized proposal to benefit your company.

Basic benefits of using TTS Trading House Solutions:

For low value, low risk goods and services, we want your buying experience to be fast – minimise your administrative works required to place orders and process payments — efficient – minimise waste, in terms of time and effort spent coordinating with CP, and AP, and reliable – timely ordering and payment to vendors.

It’s fast

  • Use of Auto POs
  • Use of SUS, Hubwoo, ERS
  • Do not have to wait for vendor set up
  • Shell staff can focus on more complex (higher spend, higher risk) tasks

It’s efficient

  • Supplier consolidation
  • Pre-negotiated pricing
  • Standard ordering processing
  • Low touch RtP process

It’s reliable

  • Vendor performance being managed
  • KPIs in place
  • Regular audits conducted