Materials Management/Warehousing

TripTych Construction Management Services

TTS’s construction management is dedicated to advanced project execution and best practices with a focus on project delivery. Our team is focused on operational excellence and providing safe and on-time delivery of every project. By applying people, processes and technology in order to successfully implement first-of-a-kind projects. TTS will provide resources for any project size, from pre-FEED studies to start-up and operation through D&D. Construction management through TTS includes:

  • Health and safety training
  • Standard operations procedures training
  • Technical training
  • Innovation and technology development
  • Fabrication and testing of bench/pilot-scale systems and facilities
  • Safety analysis and design certification
  • Site installation and commissioning of prototype facilities
  • Scale-up to world-class commercial facilities

TTS’s construction management is devoted to reducing costs, variability and risk and encourages continuous learning and improvement from project to project and across businesses, improving performance. Our knowledge of construction, supervision and capability retention works to improve execution and the ability to create value from supplier knowledge and innovation. The TTS team has access to quality resources/equipment enterprise in competitive markets, making the most from equipment enterprise frame agreements by developing closer, more collaborative working relationships with contractors.